Why do I need a SEO / Maintenance Agreement?

With our SEO/Maintenance Agreement, we take care of the details so you and your staff can concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business.


It is economical and convenient. With our SEO/Main-tenance Agreement, there are no requirements to train staff or to purchase and update costly software or equipment.

Proper SEO/Maintenance of your site is just as vital as the initial design when it comes to measured success. Protect your investment with our SEO/Maintenance Agreement

Professional SEO/Maintenance is crucial in assuring that your site will function continuously while maintaining its highest level of reliability and integrity.

With our SEO/Maintenance Agreement you will receive a reduced hourly rate on select services provided by Visionary.


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SEO, what is it and how will it affect my website?

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the continual process of improving and maintaining the popularity and ranking of the organic search engine results for a website through a natural progression of tasks.

The purpose of SEO is to make your site readily accessible within the main search engines to both new visitors and repeat customers who call upon your company for its services or to purchase your products.

The final completion and ensuing publishing of your site does not guarantee by itself, a high ranking or first page placement within these search engines. SEO, both on and off page, will increase the probability of your site being located and explored by the various search engines and will assist in achieving a higher overall ranking position which will in turn, produce a greater measured success.

To achieve this success, a process must be employed that will increase and secure your page ranking and enhance new client traffic to your site while maintaining any client traffic that currently exists.

This process takes continual effort that is performed on regular bases due to the constant changes within the internet industry. How your website ranks in comparison to your competitors who are attempting to vie for the loyalty of the consumer, directly relates to the SEO process.

SEO includes the process of analyzing your sites content to implement a plan that enhances traffic flow, promotes greater visibility, and increases the overall success of your site through on and off-site techniques and campaigns.

This involves adhering to the protocols of the various search engines through the appropriate use of a multitude of tasks that continuously evolve, such as the proper use of keywords, site structure, content, and link building. These combined measures will assist in increasing your sites popularity and relevance.

At Visionary, we practice only legitimate “White Hat”, long tail, SEO techniques, ensuring that your site is not barred from these search engines. These techniques incorporate a series of principles and guidelines that have been pre-approved by each search engine, promoting long term success. Those practicing “Black Hat” techniques which violate these principals and guidelines, may initially gain some short lived success, but over time will greatly increase the probability of your site being ultimately banned by these search engines.

SEO remains the essential step in capitalizing on your websites investment today and allowing for continual success in the future.


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We recommend to all of our clients, that they employ SEO services on a continual basis to ensure that their initial investment in creating the site is not consequently lost within a short period of time. Sites that neglect this vital service may flourish initially, then often experience a dramatic reduction in popularity and subsequent traffic flow.


This phenomenon is primarily attributed to search engines that must continually evolve to remain up to date with the advances in technology and user comprehension. This evolution demands that they regularly fine-tune how they assess and determine what data is considered worthy, unique and significant.

At Visionary, we have the expertise to analyze and evaluate your site equally within your field of industry and on the internet. This allows us to then customize and implement a plan that is tailored to the specific needs to your site.



At Visionary, we combine various on and off-site techniques to achieve the desired

results you are looking for. A brief explanation of these services is referenced below.



Keyword Development

Researching and analyzing keywords and phrases that target your prospective clients. These items should be updated regularly in order for your site to continue to display an accurate representation of your business.





Keyword Placement and Density

The proper placement and usage of keywords and phrases within your site is critical to success. In order to achieve this, these items should be seamlessly integrated and verified to there proper placement and density.





Rich Content Refreshed on a Regular Basis

Including and refreshing rich content that utilizes the keywords through out the site on a regular basis is critical for search engine popularity. A stagnate site

will become obsolete in search engine inquiries.





Meta Tag Updates

These are structures placed within the code, utilizing keywords that search engines and directories refer to in order to locate and place your site appropriately.





Analyzing your Competition

Another facet that must be considered when determining the appropriate amount of SEO services you will require is your competition. We will evaluate your site in comparison with your competitors, analyzing their associated key-words, content, and links to keep your site ahead of the curve.





Browser Compatibility

Testing the site to assure it populates correctly on the screen when viewed in different brands and versions/ updates of web browsers. (IE Explore, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)






Linking Strategy

Having the proper inbound links is in direct correlation to the overall volume of traffic that visits your website. We research and employ the use of high quality links with superior domain rankings that include data which relates to your site and is compatible with your competitor’s backlinks.





Search Engine and Directory Submission

Upon completion, your site was submitted to the top search engines and the largest online directory available today. However, there remains numerous generic and industry related search engines and directories along with various forums that have the potential to expose your site to additional clients.





Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization or “SMO” is a means of generating publicity through social media and online communication sources such as Twitter and Facebook. We offer to our clients, the option of utilizing our expertise to design and manage these additional resources.





Reputation Watch

We continually search and monitor for information posted about your establishment over the various search engines and public websites that are available for scanning. Comments and information found with a negative impact are then addressed.




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